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Did you know you have the right to receive compensation for a traffic accident, no matter how minor the injuries may be?

Sometimes, those affected by a traffic accident rush and become easy prey for insurance companies, which cling to any negligence on their part to end up paying much less than what they would be entitled to due to agreements between insurance companies. Put yourself in the hands of an independent lawyer and come out ahead.

Once we have studied your case and if we consider that you are entitled to compensation, we will sign a professional services engagement letter, where we will condition the payment of our fees to the obtaining of the compensation that corresponds to you.


We also defend you if you are claimed against

If you have suffered an accident and the other party claims against you unjustly, you can also count on our services.

The experience of our team of lawyers in all types of processes related to traffic accidents, and knowing how insurance companies operate, will give you an advantage that can be decisive for your case to succeed.


Choose an error-free process

With our experience, we can guide you to avoid making mistakes that are difficult to rectify later. We will advise you on:

  • Reporting correctly to the insurance company
  • Managing your medical reports for sick leave, to justify the computation of days off correctly
  • Collecting the necessary medical reports
  • Negotiating with the insurance company while safeguarding your interests in the most objective way to obtain a satisfactory agreement with the maximum possible compensation
  • If the extrajudicial route does not work, initiating the appropriate legal actions to defend your legitimate interests

Don’t waste time. Know that deadlines range from 7 days to inform the insurance company, up to 6 months to file a criminal complaint, and 1 year from when the sequels are definitive to sue via civil court.

Accident Consultation Lawyer Madrid

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Traffic Compensation Lawyer Madrid

We will obtain the maximum compensation for you

Traffic Lawyer only charges if he wins Madrid

If you don’t get paid, neither do we.


Why entrust us with your claim?

✔ Because we have the highest success rates in our claims for traffic accidents.

✔ Because from the first moment, we offer comprehensive and non-binding advice on your part.

✔ Because we know the tricks and ploys of insurance companies to try to pay you less than you deserve.

✔ Because we handle all cases of accidents, regardless of their severity or condition (driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist…)

✔ Because you will obtain the maximum compensation contemplated by law, and you will also enjoy the exemption from taxation of compensation for traffic accidents.

✔ Because only by going hand in hand with the best lawyers specialized in traffic accidents do you have more guarantees to obtain the maximum compensation for your accident.

✔ Because almost all insurance companies include Legal Defense coverage in their policies, with which you can choose the independent lawyer you want, instead of the one assigned by your insurance company. With this coverage, our fees will be fully or partially covered.

In the case of extrajudicial claims, legal advice and processing expenses against the insurance company or third party are included, but not potential medical expenses, valuation, expert fees, etc.

In case of judicial claims, the payment of professional fees, attorney, expert, and other expenses will be agreed upon in advance with the client.


Consult us without obligation. Depending on the stage your case is at, we will study the best strategy for your interests. Contact us now.


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