Apse Consultant offers its team of mediation lawyers in Madrid to avoid judicial processes, which are costly in both time and money.

Mediation lawyers are professionals in mediation, which is an alternative process to judicial procedures in which a person (the mediator), independent and impartial, helps others find solutions to resolve their differences, avoiding going to court to resolve the conflict that has arisen.

Mediator lawyers in Spain

When you need professional mediation, rely on our lawyers. Efficient and decisive, they will help you find communication channels and ultimately resolve differences.


Key features of mediation:

  • It is a confidential procedure
  • Being voluntary, it encourages communication and dialogue, as well as consensus
  • Parties obtain personalized solutions tailored to their needs
  • Parties are in an equal position and predisposed to avoiding future conflicts
  • It is much cheaper than a judicial procedure
  • In addition to being much faster than a judicial process, there are no “losers” since the solution is reached through consensus taking into account the mediator’s experience
  • The parties involved share the fees of the mediation service equally or as agreed upon


Mediation Lawyers for Businesses and Individuals

In our law firm, we have Mediation Lawyers with training and experience in negotiation techniques and the search for consensual agreements. With years of experience in the sector, we can assure you that we have worked on cases like yours, or very similar ones.

You will not find a more decisive, impartial, honest, and professional team of mediation lawyers in Madrid, who are naturally registered in the Mediation Registry of the Ministry of Justice, and have specialists in mediation in the following areas:

  • Civil
  • Labor
  • Family


Contact the most effective mediation lawyers in Madrid

Contact us now without obligation. You will see that we are the most reasonable way to avoid long, costly, and “avoidable” trials. In short, by opting for mediation, you are choosing the solution in which everyone wins.