Judicial Tax Experts in Madrid

Judicial Tax Experts in Madrid

Professional judicial tax experts at your service for all types of assessments, studies, valuations, reports, supervisions, evaluations, or analyses of tax matters for companies and individuals. We operate from our headquarters in Madrid serving clients throughout Spain.

Our experts have the training, qualifications, and experience to offer you different approaches and solutions to your case.

We generate expert reports that establish a strong position in a judicial process. And if needed, we defend these reports to support your lawyers, or act as your representation if you wish.


Committed Judicial Tax Experts to Quality

You can rest assured that your case will be in the best hands and will be handled by experts and lawyers who have likely worked on very similar cases before. They know “the ropes” and how to navigate through each case or any difficulty.

All our processes and reports are governed by the highest standards of quality. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

All Types of Cases

We can assist you in conflicts or claims against the Tax Agency. Our lawyers will help you with analysis, study, and preparation of documentation, as well as in the preparation of judicial processes, if necessary.

But you can also rely on our experts and lawyers to conduct voluntary audits if you want to know the current situation of your company regarding taxation and accounting.

All our procedures are characterized, in addition to their professionalism, by the closeness of our experts, the agility in procedures, and the best success rates that our work facilitates.

Additionally, we can collaborate on a recurring basis or only when your company needs it.

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Whether your company is being claimed against or you need to claim

Count on APSE regardless of your position in a claim. Whether facing a claim initiated by the Tax Agency or if your company is not satisfied with a resolution from the Treasury or another economic tribunal. In any case, a preliminary study will serve to approximately determine the chances of success we have.

Also for individuals

There are also individuals, usually with large estates, who require the assistance and services of a judicial tax expert. If this is your case, do not hesitate and request information by contacting us now.


A Great Team at Your Service

Furthermore, at APSE, you will have the support of a team of lawyers specialized in all areas of law. Thus, no matter how complex your case may be, we have the best assets for its development and resolution.

Contact us now and we will provide you with information without obligation.