Peritos Judiciales Contables Madrid

Judicial accounting experts: objective and rigorous

We offer our clients professional services in the accounting and judicial fields. Our Judicial Accounting Experts are graduates and have extensive experience.

We serve companies or law firms throughout Spain that require expert accounting evaluations, reports, audits, or valuations requested by lawyers, judges, or simply because they want to know the value of their company objectively and independently.

The need for companies to assess their economic situation and have the necessary reports in this area is becoming increasingly important for our clients every day.

Rely on a reliable accounting valuation of a company or business you are considering purchasing. Our experts’ actions will assist you in decision-making. Additionally, they will provide you with security and peace of mind in the case of positive reports and valuations.

For all needs

On certain occasions, valuation, appraisal, and expertise in the accounting environment become almost indispensable. In administrative bodies, partners, and third parties seeking updated realities in moments of share sales, they are also crucial in acquisitions, mergers, or dissolutions.

The first step is to conduct an in-depth study of all financial information. This will greatly help anyone to understand, from professional hands, the reality of what is presented in reports, official books, or financial statements, as well as to interpret them.

Our expert accounting reports, well-founded and motivated, and their defense in the ratification process if necessary, often provide the basis on which participations, indemnities, goodwill, etc., are ultimately fixed.

The professionalism, experience, and reliability of our accounting experts are proven. The level and outcome of our work allow us to provide this service to companies of all sizes.

Work with the best judicial accounting experts

You can rely on the services of our experts in case of a trial. Keep in mind that they will provide you with professional value and serious, rigorous information. This is usually highly valued by judges.

In addition to performing the valuation objectively, the judicial expert could act in defense of your interests as a lawyer.

It is also important to note that the fees of the judicial expert may be included in the court costs. Therefore, they can be recovered in some cases.

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