asesoria juridicaThe relevance of legal relations into a company is an indisputable fact and the figure of the lawyer is every day more important when it comes of taking decisions.

Apart from business advisory tasks, the lawyers of Apse Consultant are at your disposal to assist you in any area of law.

We pay special attention to commercial law, labour law, corporate disputes, attendance to the boards meetings, assistance to partners etc.

If you wish to contact us for further information send an email to or call at 91 433 23 99.

In Practice
Any company, daily, faces dozens of situations where legal aid has an important role: claims, regularization of employment, unpaids, industrial property and a long list that can cause the loss of many hours and lots of money to your company.

The law office of Apse Consultant is specially designed to optimize the actions that need to be taken in your enterprise, minimize risks and to advice you so every decision you take be in accordance with the current legislation.