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Merger, absorption and acquisition of companies

The moment of a merger, acquisition, or takeover (whether total or partial) between companies is delicate when it comes to decision-making about how to proceed. Its administrative complexity makes it advisable to seek the advice of specialists who understand the appropriate procedures in each case.

A wrong decision can have adverse tax, administrative, or labor consequences, which can unnecessarily hinder the start of the new company.


Any business sector or modality

Each case is different, and depending on the characteristics of the companies involved, we can talk about different cases of merger, acquisition, or takeover, each with its own peculiarities.

Rely on the experience of our consultants, recognized specialists in commercial law and business restructuring, regardless of the sector or sectors of the companies.


Specialized corporate lawyers

Don’t take missteps and rely on true experts who will define the roadmap for the creation of the new company, evaluating alternatives to find the most advantageous solution according to tax regulations, from the moment of the merger until the company begins to take its first steps autonomously.

Consider that not knowing, for example, the special taxation regime for business restructuring operations can be financially costly, beyond other legal implications.

Not to mention the tax penalties you may incur if you do not correctly submit all the documentation on time and in the proper form (even if there is no bad faith!).

That’s why hiring specialists will provide you, in addition to the peace of mind of knowing that your company is doing things right, the assurance of taking advantage of all the available benefits according to the operation’s requirements, whether for sellers, buyers, or transactions among equals.

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Our team of corporate lawyers works from Madrid and carries out operations anywhere in Spain, being able to travel throughout the national territory if the operation requires it.

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Don’t take risks. Bet safely

Take advantage of our technical knowledge and experience to assess, design, coordinate, and execute the transaction you need. With all the security and firm commitment that only a solid team of professionals can provide.

You won’t find a law firm in Madrid that offers you more guarantees than APSE Consultant.

Consult us about any doubts you may have regarding any type of investment, divestment, or company merger process.

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