asesoria laboralIn Apse Consultant we are aware that the personnel management in a company has an unquestionable importance. Without doubt is the main asset of your business and deserves the best qualified attention and the best advices in order to have the best and uncomplicated labour relationships.

Apse Consultant, is not limited to prepare all the documents that are being generate by the employment relationships, with respect to the various formal obligations. Of course you can count on our specialists to be released from that obligation. But we intend to go further.

Every day we receive lots of inquiries from our clients regarding legal implementation issues of every kind, which are being satisfactorily answered.

Our experience extends to hundreds of companies and thousands of workers and, of course, a very important department like this can only rest in the hands of the best professionals.

We invite you to discover all these news, without any commitment on your part. Request for an estimate at, or at our number 91 433 23 99
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Do you know how to manage a sick leave of a worker? What about the legislation which affect internships? Do you know that, if you hire people with disabilities you can have tax deductions?

In Apse not only we liberate you of the administrative work, but also we want to advice you in all matters affecting your company human resources.